Let them say no!
I have told myself “no” for years
and yet still I am here
and yet still I persevere.

Let them judge me with their eyes!
I have judged myself far worse,
with my own eyes,
and I have abused myself
with words far more crippling.

Let them break me!
I have seen my spirit
crumble to peices
by my own hands
right infront of me.
Every mirror that I
have ever laid eyes upon
has shattered,
only for me to pick up
the thousands of shards
one by one
and put them back together
so I may find my spirit again
with in the cracks
of kolidoscopic reflections
of judgentals glares
staring back.

I have tormented myself
bound by chains
and still I pushed through.
What makes them think
that they can hold me back!

— BaharForouz


I am a hawk, brilliant and proud.
The call to glory do I sound,
to motivate those wounded souls,
for I too have had my tolls.

Once was I a dove
who sang for love
and dreamt come one day
I be a swan, tall and sway.
But, with a flock of geese
Those dreams flew east
leaving me a hardened beak
and my claws rigid, bleak.

Yet, though stern became my eyes
wings I still have to roam skies.
Some dreams are still in reach
as the heavens are mine to breach.
How I so pray to not
loose my wings and rot,
to fall featherless, naked, and hollow
to the cold Earth far below.

For there, if prey I am not to sucumb
one of the many shall I become
of nomadic wolves left wondering,
with hardened spirits, howling
for the others who have fallen
for their soals too have been broken.


I have seen
your eyes before.
I found them once
in the night sky,
the brightest of stars
I ever gazed upon,
only to watch it fall.

No matter how many
nights I’ve searched
I thought I lost it.
But what a fool I was
for I was looking in
all the wrong places.
I finally found
that long lost star,
in your eyes
gazing back.

— BaharForouz

El amor general – Ahmad Shamloo

(عشق عمومی – احمد شاملو)

La lágrima es secreta
La sonrisa es secreta
La pasión es secreta
La lágrima de esé noche estaba de mi amor la sonrisa

No soy cuento para que contarle
No soy canción para que cantarle
No soy voz para que oírle
O tal cosa que le ver
O tal cosa que saber

Soy el dolor común

El arbol habla con la selva
La hierba con la desierta
La estrella con la galaxia
Y contigo yo habla

Dime te llamas
Dame tus manos
Dime tus palabras
Dame tu almá

Yo encontré tus raíces
Para tus labios, he dicho para todos labios
Y tus manos son familiar con mis manos
En la hueco luz, yo gritaba contigo
para las memorias de los vivos
Y en el cementerio oscuro yo cantaba contigo
las más lindas himnos
Porque de este año, los muertos
Eran de los más amores.

Dame tu mano
Tus manos son familiar con mío.

Ay, tan buscado, yo contigo hablo
Como el nube con la tormenta
Como el hierba con la desierta
Como el mar con la lluvia
Como el pájaro con la primavera
Y como el arbol con la selva

Porque yo encontré los raíces de ti
Porque mi voz familiar con el voz de ti.

(Poema: Ahmad Shamloo
Traducción: BaharForouz)